Nathan, In Brief

bio portrait I am a PhD student in the Film and Visual Studies program at Harvard University and author of a memoir about media, Surface Tensions: Searching for Sacred Connection in A Media-Saturated World. As Alissa Wilkinson puts it in her foreword, the book “works equally well as a small primer on media and a memoir of growing up in a thoroughly mediated age.” You order it here and  on Amazon.

I am the co-creator of the film podcast Kinovision. My writing tends to coagulate at the nexus of creative nonfiction, film studies, media theory, philosophy, literature, and theology. It has been featured in the Los Angeles Review of, 4:3,  The High Calling on Patheos, Prague Wandering, and Washington Square News. I live in Cambridge, MA. I have lived in in Southern California, Texas, New York, and Prague.

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