Nathan’s work bridges academic and creative spheres to cultivate media that reforms our sensibilities in positive ways. He received his PhD in Film and Visual Studies from Harvard University in 2023.

As a writer, consultant, and speaker, he loves partnering with organizations and individuals to expand our ethical imaginations: by clarifying pressing cultural problems, and constructing novel aesthetic practices, in order to catalyze collective pursuits of goodness – in ways that surprise and nourish.

In short: if you are curious about the potential of sensory experience to reform our deeply broken world, his work is right up your alley.

selected projects




chambers bay

youth group

surface tensions

is a coming-of-age dramedy film about two orphaned sisters, both prodigy runners and fourteen years apart in age.

This feature film, cowritten with and to be directed by E.C. Timmer, is currently in pre-production.

a buddy comedy about two young and idealistic youth pastors, living in Orange County in 2007, who must recon with their differences of friendship and faith.

It is also very silly.

"This unique memoir, meditative and philosophical, chronicles Nathan's absorption in the vital, inspiring, and often maddening power of media and entertainment. With wry self-effacement and raw honesty, he calls us to conceive of media not only as an abstract, postmodern phenomenon, but as a digital archtiecture that creates real meeting space."

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